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Monday, February 16, 2009

Finally Day 2

Okay hit a bump in the road on the morning of supposed Day 3. The surgeon's office calls to tell me that one of the surgeon's mother passed away and the funeral will be Monday morning. So they move my surgery to Wednesday. This means that the morning of day 3 in now Day 5 again.

Took that news pretty well. Had lots of plans for Friday with a lunch date (who cancels) and coffee date with friends to knit. That was great, lots of knitting with the Hanoch girls. Then Saturday morning coffee again and knitting with another friend. Four hours of great smells and knitting what more can you ask for? So watched Dan in Real Life, great movie. Love my Netflix's and my mac book.

So today is day 2, oh my! Errands to run and another lunch date. Lots of fun to distract me from the fact that tomorrow begins two weeks of a liquid diet to be followed by two weeks of soft food diet.

By the way had a great Valentine's Day. Mike got me the sweetest card and prayer box bracelet. We went to Target and I made it through the whole store and then went to dinner at Jason's Deli. Was great no lines and no crowds.

The boys sold stock for the Mexico trip at church yesterday. They are so funny but did a great job. Then lunch with Marcus, Sang, Jay, Natalie, Chuck and Mike at Johnnie's. I'm enjoying spending time with all the people that I love. Got a lot of support and love yesterday at church for this surgery. It is so great to have such a wonderful church family to support me.

Okay time to get started on those errands. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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