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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Times they are a changing

So I started this blog at the beginning of my weight loss process but now I see that I want to expand it to include so many areas of my life. Things have changed so much in my life not only have I lost 170 lbs, overcoming my physical limitations that I had hoped would be gone after losing so much weight. However I have had to realize that will never happen I’ve abused my body for too long and now have to pay the price for that abuse. My knees, back, neck and wrists are shot even after having partial knee replacement I’m still limited in what I can do every day is a struggle. After spending the majority of the summer with my knees propped up with ice I’ve begin a real love affair with blogs. From cooking, crafting and my new drive quilting. My grandmother made quilts and I never asked her to show me how to quilt. She taught me so many things how to sew, cook and to be a lady but her one joy I did not learn from her. She had a frame over her bed that she would lower with string and would set on her bed and hand quilt. I was allowed to help once and to watch her often. One of the things I love about quilts was that she used scraps from clothes that she made to make her quilts. It would mean so much when I could point out the scraps from clothes that were mine. When I married she gave me my first quilt that was mine. My goal is now to take over the tradition that she started by learning to quilt and give all my family members quilts upon their marriage. My grandmother’s taught me to sew, crochet and knit. There are skills that I have used to make so many gifts over the years. Have even started an Etsy shop to sell some of my work. Going to have to work on my photos though someone recently ask to have a white baby blanket that they find on my site however it wasn’t white but yellow, pretty telling comment to my photo skills. Okay quilting is not my only interest right now but cooking. I received a bean pot for Christmas and it is amazing. Have started following so many blogs and The Crock Pot Girls. So I am going to change this blog to include all of my interests and to share them with who ever would like to view them. It might talk me a little time to make all the changes but keep an eye out for the future!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Day After

As I set here resting my knees I am filled with so much joy and peace. On May 29th my son, Chuck married the woman of his dreams, Jenna. The wedding was perfect and filled with love. It is so easy to see how much they love each other, just look at the way they look at each other. As I watched them exchange their vows yesterday and heard Chuck in such a clear and loud voice pledge himself to Jenna, well there aren't any words to describe how I felt. Visions of times gone by of the sweet baby I brought home 28 years ago, filled my mind and the hope for the future. Have to admit that I am one blessed woman, my wonderful husband, two amazing sons and now finally the perfect daughter.

As I walked down the aisle on my son's arm yesterday beaming with pride and joy it occurred to me that if I hadn't had weight loss surgery two years ago I probably wouldn't have been able to make that walk or dance with my married son. In fact might not have been here today if I hadn't had weight loss surgery. It has been a hard battle but one I would do again and wouldn't have changed a thing. Why would I when the reward was so sweet.

Now I have so many things to look forward to think I'll hang for the rest of this ride of my live and see where it takes me next. All my love to Chuck and Jenna a they begin a new season in their lives.

Monday, January 3, 2011


After losing 170 lbs. you would think that my brain would have adjusted to the changes in my body. I know that movement and stamina have changed but that is about as far as it goes.

The reason this has come up again, yesterday went to Wal Mart to do some shopping and while there notice they had some warm pjs on sale. I was able to purchase a pair off the rack that fit. Two years ago would never had been able to do something so simple. Had to go to a speciality store to purchase anything in my size and would have to be forced to go for the fear that they wouldn't have anything in my size. Needless to say it still boggles my mind that now I can go anywhere and buy clothes that fit me.

We recently went to a wedding of some dear friends. While dressing for the wedding the black pants I want to wear were too big. Mike gave me one of his belts to wear with the jeans. Well I never thought I would be able to wear one of his belts, but it fit. If you know my husband you know he isn't a big guy and for his belt to fit around my waist is crazy. Learn something new about myself every day and can't wait to see what is next in the new year.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Down 164 lbs.

Today I'm 164 lbs lighter and it seems like a dream. Had to go shopping for new clothes. Everything I brought last summer is too big for me. Thankfully the only pair of shorts I purchased last year have a drawstring. If I put on a shirt that fits it looks like I'm wear a skirt instead of shorts they are so big. Knew that when I put on clothes that fit this summer that there would be a huge difference in my appearance but had no idea how big. While trying on clothes in the dressing room felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Knew that it was my image in the mirror but could not believe that it was really me. Went from a size 38 women's to now a 18 women's haven't worn that size since before Tommy was born. So crazy! Wonder how much I would weigh without all the extra skin I'm carrying right now.

Would love to say that everything is wonderful but my health before surgery wasn't good and losing weight has helped a lot BUT! Still have issues that I need to overcome. Don't understand the fatigue but working on it slowly but surely. Can get around so much better that a year ago. Have a garden and my back yard is getting better everyday. Love working at there and seeing all the beautiful flowers bloom. Didn't even go out there last year. May wear Mike out completely before it is all over.

Will post more pictures soon as I can get Chuck or Jenna to take some. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me and my journey in this new world. If you are thinking about taking this journey yourself know that it isn't the answer to all your problems but can make life so much better than where I was and know that it can do the same for you.

Friday, March 5, 2010

One Year Anniversary

First a remind of what I looked like on February 17, 2009. Think you can tell the difference.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

144 down

It has been forever since I posted last. Things have been great and hard all at the same time. I lost a total of 144 lbs but have had a sore throat three times and two bladder infections. After losing all this weight my system is a down and so I'm catching everything that comes my way.

Before surgery they told us that we would be colder but I had no idea. So thankful for long underwear and the cold weather isn't really here yet. Could be a really long winter for me, something to look forward to???

Have lots of pictures to update so look for the soon. How to describe losing a whole person. Hugging me is a lot easier now than every. Going to have to shop for clothes soon as I continue to get comments about my baggy clothes. Still not sure how far I plan to go but will know when i get there.