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Monday, February 23, 2009

5 Days after surgery.

Today is the morning of the fifth day after surgery. The morning of surgery the pre-op nurse told us that she had the gastric sleeve in 2007. The level of nerves fell and everyone felt so much better about the surgery. I was so blessed to have my husband, brother and pastor there that morning.

Surgery went very well and the initial recovery at the hospital went well and fast. I went home the next morning at 9. They gave me the option of staying and taking a shower at the hospital or going home to take one. Of course my shower sounded so much better. Off we went. It felt great to be home.

The first day home was a blur, drug blur but good. Over the next couple of days I felt okay not good but okay. By day four I did not feel good. Woke up day 5 with a sore throat and runny nose. How much fun can one person have.

Still very sore in one spot. Have 6 incision spots that have stitches with a derma glue over. That part has been great don't have to worry about infected in those sights. However one spot on my stomach is very sore. Still find myself covering it up every time I move. May have to give the doctor a call if doesn't get better.

The liquid diet part has been okay. Not the easiest thing but okay. The biggest problem has been TV! Never realized how many food commercials there actually are on TV. When you know you aren't really hungry but that looks so good it makes it hard. At first the broth at the hospital was good but by now it is terrible. No flavor at all and doesn't last five seconds before you are hungry again. The jello, egg drop soup and ramen noodle soup is a great help.

So far everything has been worth it all but ready for the good times to start. Oh and let me not forget to mention the gas! Not only the gas that they use during surgery but the gas you have afterwards almost every time you drink anything. Looking forward to chewing something besides ice in the near but distant future.

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