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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can't buy a break

This is the week I get to set my surgery date.  So of course I have to have pink eye in both eyes and a bladder infection.  I don't think I can buy a break.  Went to the doctor to get something for the eyes because of course my two eye doctors are out of town until Thursday.  While there needed to be rechecked for a bladder infection from a couple of weeks ago.  So of course it is back. 

In addition they have me eating so much fiber that I'm having another problem which makes it uncomfortable to set in one place or at all.  So of course I thought that I didn't feel well because of that problem.

Called my step mom to have someone to complain to but of course my father had to answer the phone.  As always got tons of sympathy from him.  Okay not so much but he was happy to tell me that it could always get worse.

One blessing that I have found it my tailor.  She tells me that anything that I can't wear to bring to her and she will be able to take in.  Now I know that at some point I will have to purchase new clothes but in the mean time this will be great.  I took two brand new shirts to her that looks dresses right now and she is moving the sleeves, taking in the sides, and the length.  Now it will cost me $20 for each shirt but when you count the cost of a new shirt, I know I have a good deal going on.

Now if I can just make it until Friday.  It would also help if my job is still there when I get over the pink eye.  Don't think anyone wants to be near me right now.

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