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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One week today

I can't believe that a week ago today I had surgery. Seems like a lifetime ago and only a day. The best part is that one week of the liquid diet is over. Thank Heavens! It has been hard. To find things to drink that are filling and trying to not lose my hair. Right now the best has been soups, only the liquid part of the soup.

The pain is better not gone but more manageable. Haven't gone back to work yet but think I will go for a couple of hours tomorrow and see how it goes. Have discovered that rest is the most important part of this recovery. It gives my body the time is needs to heal. Still worry about the dizzy part of the liquid diet affecting me working, driving and walking. We will see tomorrow.

So far can't tell that I'm losing any weight. Not wearing clothes that would show that to me. With six incision sites still prefer to wear old comfortable clothes that don't touch the body. Hopefully by Monday, I will be back in good form that is the date of my post-op diet class. Starting two weeks of soft foods. Can't wait for that part. Kind of excited about chewing food again.

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