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Sunday, February 8, 2009

8 Days and counting

Okay, this might get a little old but can't seem to help my self. So I realized today that a week from today I start the liquid part of my diet to prepare for my surgery. One week seems like no time but so far away. Also realized that one year ago this week I was fired from my last job and thought life was over and going down hill fast.

Was so wrong about that one. God opened a huge door for me last year. A door that let me enter into a new world of joy, hope, peace and love. Things that I had lost over the 5 years that I worked for that company. Last February I felt old and used up and so discouraged about life and myself. Was in so much pain, physically and mentally but look at me one year later. God has been so amazing and giving to me sometimes I wonder if I truly deserve his love and devotion. But as Robert told us this morning we are the salt of the earth.

See so many people who have God at work in their lives but they are so busy they can't see him. I guess my prayer today is that everyone would have the same light that God has shone on me today so they can see the miracles that he is working in their lives.

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