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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A lot harder than I though!

So as of tonight I'm almost four weeks out from surgery. I thought the hardest part was trying to lose the weight before surgery. Then thought nothing would be harder than the two weeks of liquids. Now I have start soft food and have gotten into trouble again. When the told us to eat slowly, I thought it meant to take small bites and chew completely. Instead they meant for you to take a small bite chew completely and basically walk away before you take your next bite.

I was eating slowly but not slow enough the food was backing up before it even got to my new stomach. The doctor and staff have placed me on a new special diet of soft and moist food the remainder of this week. No fun at all considering that the week included my birthday. No cake for me this year, or ever for that matter. Have done a lot better with the changes and hope to begin step 2 of the diet.

I really shouldn't complain as of last week had lost 61lbs. or a small child. Last week was three weeks since my last picture so I'm including the three week out pictures in this post. Hopefully I will have more success at placement of those pics. Last time they went where they wanted and not where I placed them. Hope you can tell a difference.

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