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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stress Test

Completed the first part of the stress test.  Of course it had to be schedule for the worst day of travel so far in 2009 but I made it on time. Should probably tell you that my lovely husband played the role of driver today.  Lots of curb service very helpfully to someone who walks with a cane.  Canes and ice don't go well together.  

So I go in and they start an IV line then put me in a chair and hook me up to all the monitors.  Then the real fun begins when they begin to tell me about how the drugs will make me feel. Very promising you could begin to feel like you are having a heart attack but remember we can stop it in a few minutes.  So they hook me up to the drugs and start them.  The first thing that happens is I realize that my body is really tense.  Then I begin to get really lightheaded and my body is tingling.  Okay so this isn't so bad, not fun but I can work with this, right?  Oh that is when the guys comes around the corner and with more drugs to add to the IV.  Needless to say things begin to kick up a lot, you shortness of breath and the world spinning.  So the guy asks are  you doing okay?  I wanted to ask him to describe OKAY, but thought better of it.

The thing is that I want to pass this test so I can have surgery.  Don't really need to piss the guys off right?

So they stop that part and send me off to the Ultrasound of my heart.  This part was interesting because I could watch the pictures of my heart as it was working.  Didn't have a clue as to what she was doing but knew that it was working.

Now they tell me to have some breakfast and come back at 9.  The roads are covered in ice and my normal breakfast right now is a Soy French Vanilla Shake.  So that took about 5 minutes tops but waited until 9 as asked and then part two of the stress test.  Pictures of my heart.  The important part of this portion is that I don't like tight closed spaces.  As you might have guest I have to lay on a table for 15 minutes in this small space and let a x-ray like machine slowly move around me taking pictures.  Thankfully they did not try to cover my face with this moving part or it would have been very exciting but I managed to get through this part.  

So I completed day one BUT WAIT.  Tomorrow I have to be there at for the second part.  Stay tuned for more exciting medical experiences.

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