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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Times they are a changing

So I started this blog at the beginning of my weight loss process but now I see that I want to expand it to include so many areas of my life. Things have changed so much in my life not only have I lost 170 lbs, overcoming my physical limitations that I had hoped would be gone after losing so much weight. However I have had to realize that will never happen I’ve abused my body for too long and now have to pay the price for that abuse. My knees, back, neck and wrists are shot even after having partial knee replacement I’m still limited in what I can do every day is a struggle. After spending the majority of the summer with my knees propped up with ice I’ve begin a real love affair with blogs. From cooking, crafting and my new drive quilting. My grandmother made quilts and I never asked her to show me how to quilt. She taught me so many things how to sew, cook and to be a lady but her one joy I did not learn from her. She had a frame over her bed that she would lower with string and would set on her bed and hand quilt. I was allowed to help once and to watch her often. One of the things I love about quilts was that she used scraps from clothes that she made to make her quilts. It would mean so much when I could point out the scraps from clothes that were mine. When I married she gave me my first quilt that was mine. My goal is now to take over the tradition that she started by learning to quilt and give all my family members quilts upon their marriage. My grandmother’s taught me to sew, crochet and knit. There are skills that I have used to make so many gifts over the years. Have even started an Etsy shop to sell some of my work. Going to have to work on my photos though someone recently ask to have a white baby blanket that they find on my site however it wasn’t white but yellow, pretty telling comment to my photo skills. Okay quilting is not my only interest right now but cooking. I received a bean pot for Christmas and it is amazing. Have started following so many blogs and The Crock Pot Girls. So I am going to change this blog to include all of my interests and to share them with who ever would like to view them. It might talk me a little time to make all the changes but keep an eye out for the future!

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